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In cases where our Rat Catchers are called to treat pest control problems in commercial buildings, we always recommend a full initial site survey.  This gives our ratcatchers an opportunity to fully assess all areas of the site and point out additional measures that may be require by the owner of the building.  These measures usually relate to more major proofing, and may require the services of a carpenter or builder.  Once these pest control proofing measures are carried out, along with our thorough pest control or fumigation treatment, the premises will not only be more hygienic and pest free, but the potential of future rodent or insect infestations  will be greatly reduced also. 

The Rat Catchers pride ourselves on offering the very best customer experience.  We know that discovering a rodent or insect infestation in your home or work, in itself, can be an extremely stressful situation, and it is our aim that your dealings with our company and our team of rat catchers, should be a pleasant, friendly and reassuring one.  With this in mind, all our Rat Catchers are fully insured and expertly qualified; holding nationally recognised qualifications in pest management and other related studies.  In addition, they are also specifically chosen, for their 'can do' attitude and customer service skills.  As a result, we are happy to boast having some of the best Rat Catchers on our team and in the business.


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For further information on how we can get rid of your pest problem, call our customer service team now on 0203 648 9324

The Rat Catchers Pest Control and Fumigation Services know that each rodent or insect infestation, is unique and as such, needs an individual approach to get rid of it.  This is why our pest control technicians, otherwise known as Rat Catchers, carry out a thorough investigation into the level and type of rodent or insect pest infestation that you may have in your home or work place, before devising the most effective pest control treatment plan.  During our Rat Catcher's assessment, our pest control technician will also try to identify the source of the infestation, as stemming this, will automatically cease any rodent or insect ingression. Although this is not always possible, our fully trained Rat Catchers have an expert eye and years of experience, which means that they are able to identify tale tale signs of how you may have developed your pest issues.


Once our Rat Catcher's have gained the relevant information, from their initial assessment of your premises, they will devise an appropriate pest control treatment plan, which will be aimed at ridding your home or work space of the rodent or insect infestation.  Where insect pest infestations are concerned, this plan may call for a full fumigation of the premises, or certain rooms within the property, and for this, preparation and aftercare maybe necessary.
Treating rat infestations, Mice infestation or Squirrel infestations can also require additional works and in many cases, a rat infestation can be linked to drainage issues.  In these instances, our Ratcatchers are able to advise you further and in most cases, can gain access to your drainage chamber, to identify the possible ingression point that the rats are using to gain access from the sewer, into your building or garden.

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