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Also known as the house mouse, or the long tailed field mouse, a mouse/mice infestation in your home or work can be both dangerous and frustrating and the best way to get rid of mice is to employ the services of a professional mice control company, such as The Rat Catchers.

The Dangers of a Mice Infestation

Like rats, mice need to gnaw in order to wear down their constantly growing incisor teeth, and as a result, cause extensive damage to electrical cables, water and gas pipes, woodwork and packaging.  This damage is a major cause of flooding and fires in the UK each year and can put businesses, homes and families in severe danger.

Diseases and the Eating Habits of Mice
Mice are sporadic feeders, often nibbling on several different food sources at one time, but they contaminate far more food than they actually consume, as they defecate and urinate incontinently whilst they feed.  Mice droppings can easily be identified as small black rice like pellets and a single mouse can leave up to 50 droppings in a 24 hour period.  In addition to this contamination, mice transmit several diseases and are great contributors to fatal cases of food poisoning.  Mice found in food related businesses, will cause health and safely officials to close premises and prosecute owners and so mice infestation can also present major financial loss. 

Breeding Mice
Again like rats, mice are avid breeders and become sexually mature at just eight to ten weeks of age.  A female mouse may produce up to eight litters a year, each containing up to sixteen young.  This means that the rate of infestation can grow rapidly and in one year, one pair of mice may be responsible for an infestation in excess of 16,000 mice.

Mice Habitat
Mice seek the warmth and shelter of buildings, especially in the winter when more people become aware of their mouse infestation problem.  They prefer to build their nests in concealed positions that are close to a source of food, and they are agile climbers, enabling them to gain access to higher levels of a building, through very small spaces.  

How to get rid of Mice - The Rat Catchers Mice Control Service

Due to their habits, most mice infestations need to be treated with a combination of rodenticide and additional mouse-proofing measures, before results can be seen.  Our expertly qualified Rat Catchers, or mice control technicians will advise you on the best course of action for combating and exterminating your mice pest issue and getting rid of mice from your home or work space, quickly and indefinitely.  They can also provide advice on basic or advanced mouse proofing to stop future mice ingression.

Our effective mice control treatments, uses only professional grade rodenticide, along with contact rodenticide powders and foam, which have proved very efficient, when it comes to eliminating a large amount of unwanted mice infiltrators.  Our effective, standard mice control treatment will consist of two mice control visits, usually seven days apart.  As we will both proof and bait on the first visit, depending on the level of infestation you may have, your property should be free from mice by our second appointment with you; at which point, subject to recommendations being followed, you will have a no quibble 30 day guarantee.

As with all our professional pest control treatment, you will be given a copy of our treatment sheet, which details the whole process undertaken and includes any additional information or advice relevant, but there is always someone in our office, who will be able to answer any further questions you may have.

Please note, in cases of mice infestation, we strongly recommend having any vulnerable external airbricks proofed, as this is a major ingression point for mice.  This is a service we can also provide for you, for an additional minimal cost.

If you are suffering from a mice infestation problem, don’t delay treatment as this can rapidly grow.  For details on our pricing, please visit our Costspage, or Call Us Now and get rid of mice from your home or work space.