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Flea Bites?

Need a quick, effective and guaranteed Flea Spray Treatment?

Flea Spray Pest Control Treatments from £160

There are few things more irritating than flea bites and as fleas are very resilient insects, the most effective way of getting rid of fleas from your home or work environment, is to have a professional flea spray treatment, carried out by a qualified pest control company, such as The Rat Catchers Pest Control Services.  Our effective flea spray treatments work instantly to kill the live fleas and larvae and to destroy the unhatched flea pupae, ultimately ridding your environment of these itchy little characters.

Fleas (Ctenocephalides Felis/Canis/Pulex irritans)

There are several types of fleas found in the UK:  The very common 'Cat Flea' (Ctenocephalides felis), the less common 'Dog Flea' (Ctenocephalides Canis) and the very rare 'Human Flea' (Pulex irritans).  All unfortunately are responsible for flea bites, irritations and the transference of diseases.

An adult flea measures around 2-4mm long, has a red-brown wingless body with backwardly directed spines and powerful legs, designed to jump distances of over 33cm, allowing them to spread quickly throughout your environment.

Flea infestation

The most common flea found in the UK is the cat flea, which attaches itself to a host animal.  This parasitic insect, feeds on the warm blood of the animal and female fleas proceed to lay eggs in the animals fur.  As these eggs hatch, the larvae will drop off into the animals bed or nest, or in other places that the animal sits or sleeps regularly, including our beds and sofas.  These larvae then feed on skin, feathers and the blood rich faeces of other adult fleas, as they develop further.  When ready, the larvae enter the pupae state, forming cocoons in which they will develop into adult fleas.  When these unhatched fleas feel vibration, they will hatch and attach themselves to the next host animal, again starting the reproductive cycle.  This flea life cycle takes around a month to complete in warm weather and an untreated flea infestation may develop very quickly during the summer months. Luckily, colder environments halt the fleas cycle of development

Signs of a Flea infestation

Fleas favour warm, moist, communal areas where people and pets sleep regularly, as this provides them with a rich food source, and in a lifetime an adult flea will lay up to 1000 eggs, each contributing to a growing infestation, as they develop.  The tell tale signs of a flea infestation are: constantly scratching cats, seeing fleas jump on carpets and furniture and noticing small black dots, found around the animal's favourite relaxation spots. These black dots are the casing during the pupate stage and indicate that new fleas have already hatched in your environment.  In addition, humans may also suffer multiple flea bites, usually around ankles and on the legs.  These small red spots measure around 5mm in diameter and can be extremely irritating and itchy.

Fleas in our homes are mostly found  in our carpets, pet bedding and upholstered furniture, as well as the cracks and crevices around skirting boards and hard flooring joints, therefore, for a professional flea spray treatment to be fully effective, it is important that these areas are treated thoroughly. Something that we make sure of in our flea spray pest control treatments.

Do Fleas Spread Disease? 

Although fleas do not tend to feed on humans exclusively, their bites can pose a serious health risk in the form of transferring diseases such as Tularemia, typhus and even the bubonic plague.  In addition 'Cat Scratch Disease', or CSD is also transferred by flea bites.  This disease developes slowly, usually after the host experiences a cat scratch.  The symptoms include aching muscles and joints, chills and a loss of appetite.  This disease is caused by the Bartonella henselae bacteria and poses a serious risk to people who have a weakened immune system, am may result in reproductive issues and deep inflammations and infections within the body.  

Various types of tapeworm are also known to be transmitted by fleas, especially between animals, including pets in the household.

Flea Pest Control

For effective flea pest control, we recommend having the property as a whole treated thoroughly.  We, The Rat Catchers Pest Control Services conduct an effective two part intensive flea spray treatment which is aimed at eliminating the adult fleas and their larva immediately. The residue insecticide also safeguards the property for up to 8 weeks, meaning that the contents of all the unhatched cocoons are also destroyed, ending the flea lifecycle.

Pre spray preparation is very important as the vibration of the hover will encourage the fleas to hatch from their cocoons, making them vulnerable to our powerful insecticidal flea spray treatment, thus ensuring a successful eradication of these little pests.

Note:  In order for any flea spray treatment to be fully effective, it is important that all the preparation and after care advise is taken.  This is the responsibility of the customer.

For further information on our powerful and guaranteed flea spray pest control treatments, please call our office on 0203 648 9324, where one of our friendly staff will be happy to answer all your questions.  Alternatively, for information on our pricing, please visit our Costs page.

Flea spray pest control treatments are available 7 days a week and in most instances, we are able to offer same day treatment appointments.