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Do you need to get rid of an insect infestation, in your home or work space?  

The Rat Catchers Pest Control Services offer effective, guaranteed, same day insect spray treatments, gelling treatments and fumigations, to get rid of all levels of insect infestation, even the heaviest.  

Our fully trained pest control technicians are based throughout London and Kent and work 7 days a week, offering the highest quality insect pest control spray and gelling treatments,  to both large and small buildings.   All our inspect extermination treatments come with a full guarantee and are carried out using only the best quality pest control insecticides, on the market.  With each insect extermination plan, we will make sure you are aware of all aspects of the treatment, so that you or any of your loved ones, are never put in any danger from even the most potent of chemicals used.

For further information on how we can help you, please telephone our offices, where one of our friendly staff, will be happy to help you.  Or, if you'd like to find out right now, which insects we treat, please select from one of the following tabs.

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