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House Moths and Clothes Moths

There are two common moths, found in the UK that generally present as a pest control issue.  These are the Brown House Moth and the Common Clothes Moth.

Whilst they may appear very different, with the Brown House Moth, usually measuring around 8mm long and presenting with Bronze/Golden coloured wings, which show flecks of black and the smaller Common Clothes Moth, growing between 6-7mm long and presenting with pale golden wings, which are fringed with hair, both these moths are responsible for creating a lot of damage to clothes, carpets and soft furnishing in home and work environments.

Moth Larvae

Whilst the adult moths tend to be seen often, it is actually the feeding larvae, which are responsible for the small, irregularly shaped holes, many people associate with a moth infestation.  These larvae hatch from sticky eggs, which the adult moth lays in fabrics such as clothes, soft furnishings and carpets and they have a special preference for wool and upholstery, that is soiled with perspiration or food.  Once these larvae are ready to pupate, they do so by encapsulating themselves in a self created silk case, where they complete their journey to adulthood.  This process can take several moths and when the new adult moths emerge, they commence their reproductive cycle, ultimately producing more eggs, leading to the further destructive larvae. 

A house moth infestation can easily spread between rooms, causing the destruction of many precious fabric items.

Moth Pest Control - Moth Spray Treatments

To get rid of moths from your home or work space, a professional moth spray treatment is recommended, and we at The Rat Catchers offer a fast, effective and guaranteed two part moth spray treatment to both commercial and residential customers throughout London, Middlesex and Kent.

Our two part moth spray treatment will kill all present moths, as well as the larvae and pupating caterpillars, quickly and without causing soiling or tainting to your soft furnishings.  To guarantee the best result, it is important that all preperation and after care advise is implemented properly.  This will also help to avoid future house moth infestations.

For further information on our effective moth spray pest control treatments, call us now.  For information on our pricing, please visit our Costs page

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