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Arguable one of the most feared insects in the UK. The common wasp is associated with random and unprovoked stings, but actually, rarely sting unless they feel threatened.  

Getting rid of wasps from your home or work space should always be left to a professional pest control company, such as The Rat Catchers, as wasp stings can be both painful and in some cases, life threatening.  Our professional wasp extermination experts can eliminate a wasp nest easily and safely, no matter where it is located.

Wasp Nest

Generally, wasps build their nests in undisturbed, protected areas, such as roof/loft spaces, garden sheds, in thick shrubbery or in gaps between bricks in a building. The wasp nest is built from a strong, lightweight, waterproof, papier mache material, which the wasps produce by chewing wood and mixing it with their own saliva.  These structures can often be found hanging in the corners of attic and should only be destroyed by a trained pest control professional.

Diet - What Wasps Eat

At the height of the wasp season; between August and September, the worker wasps (sterile females) can become a major nuisance, as they turn their attention to foraging for sweet foods.  Prior to this period, the worker wasps, who are responsible for providing food to the queen wasp and her grubs, provide other insects as a food sources to the nest.  In this way, wasps are also know as natures natural pest controllers, even though this aspect of their existence, isn't always know to humans.

The Queen Wasp

The queen wasp, which is usually larger than the workers (around 20mm in length), hibernates over the winter and begins making her nest and laying eggs, during early spring.  Adult worker wasps tend to die off as the weather starts to get colder and food becomes scares.

Wasp Exterminator - Wasp Pest Control 

Wasp stings can be very dangerous and in some individuals, may even cause a severe allergic reaction, even resulting in death.  Therefore, having your wasp nest exterminated, is best left to a professional pest control company, such as The Rat Catchers Pest Control Services.  

Our professional wasp spray pest control treatments, exterminate the entire nest quickly and safely.  We are able to kill wasp nests effectively, regardless of their location, and depending on their position, we can remove the nest, once it is completely dead (usually within 24 hours), for an additional charge.  Once a wasp nest has been professionally exterminated, wasp will not return to the same nest in the future.

For further information on how to get rid of wasps from your home or work environment, please give our offices a call now.  Alternatively, for information on our pricing, please visit our Costs page.

Our offices are open 7 days a week from 8am till 10pm and in most instances, we can arrange a same day wasp nest extermination, to suit your schedule.